From her early days of playing office in her parents’ basement, Marisa has been gifted with a talent for automating processes to improve efficiency. While working at the University of Michigan in academic advising, Marisa became frustrated by the lack of good electronic tools for managing student records and decided to solve the problem herself. Her web-based solutions resulted in less paper and improved efficiency for the university, where she worked for several years as a computer and IT consultant. She decided to market her electronic solutions to other organizations and started her own business in 2002. Since then, she has grown her business into a thriving inbound marketing firm with a first-rate team focused on delighting clients with a results-driven approach.

Ten years into her journey, Marisa began implementing the Entrepreneurial Operating System® in her firm to ensure that she was building a scalable business with a great culture. As she watched her team and company transform, Marisa began speaking to clients and colleagues about EOS, and quickly developed a passion for helping other entrepreneurs implement the process and tools in their own companies.

In 2014, Marisa was invited to join the leadership team at EOS Worldwide to head up the company’s marketing strategy. As part of this team, she fell in love with the EOS Community and Vision, and decided to become a Professional EOS Implementer.

After diligently following the EOS Process in her own company, she entrusted the day-to-day operations of her business to the firm’s leadership team so that she can spend her time doing what she loves – helping other entrepreneurs get what they want from their own businesses.

Bonus Point

A classically trained singer at Colgate University, Marisa also served as the equipment manager for her college football team and co-founded her college’s first co-ed a cappella singing group, The Resolutions. She reads constantly and enjoys incorporating the new ideas she learns into her business.