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14 Tips for Developing A Smart Marketing Strategy in 2014

14 Tips for Developing a Smart Marketing Strategy in 2014

As we say goodbye to 2013, I wanted to take a moment to share the steps we’re taking with many of our clients to make sure they are on the right track for 2014! HubSpot was kind enough to publish our tips on the Inbound Hub blog today, so please head over there to read our 14 Tips for Developing a Smart Marketing Strategy for 2014! These tips will get your company headed in the right direction in 2014 as they reveal important steps about developing your company’s vision and goals analyzing your trends aligning your teams reviewing your documentation […]

Ann Arbor User Group

The Whole Brain Group Launches Ann Arbor Hubspot User Group

There are over 70 HubSpot User Groups meeting regularly across the world to discuss all things HubSpot and inbound marketing. Ann Arbor can now be counted as one of the HubSpot User Group (HUG) locations, and the team at The Whole Brain Group is leading it! We’re proud to be carrying the HubSpot torch for Ann Arbor and the surrounding areas as the HUG’s Leader! What is a HubSpot User Group? HubSpot User Groups (HUG) began in 2010 when HubSpot users in New York, San Francisco, and Dallas organized themselves to discuss how they use the inbound marketing service. As […]

Blog Tips

7 Essential Tips For Engaging Blog Content

Hopefully after reading our last post on blogging, you’re realizing how important a blog is for your business. You may even have fresh inspiration and motivation to start blogging now! Not so fast. Before you start, it’s vital to have a clear roadmap and understanding of how to compose engaging, relevant content that attracts your intended audience. Take a look at the following steps below to guide you along a successful blogging path! Before You Blog 1. Choose a blogging platform: Research multiple blogging platforms to find the one that best fits your business needs. From there, you’ll need to decide […]

Inbound Marketing Horror

Spooky Inbound Marketing Tales from the Experts

Do you have ghastly stories from the world of inbound marketing? Do you ever wonder if you are the only one encountering inbound marketing challenges such as – Coming up with, or writing engaging content Growing your follower base across your social media channels Choosing or finding which tools are best for you Don’t worry, you are not alone! Making the switch from traditional, outbound marketing methods to inbound marketing can be a little scary! Even the most experienced inbound marketers out there have had their fair share of horror stories. In the spirit of Halloween, we’ve partnered with HubSpot and their partners to offer […]

Inbound Haiku

The Haiku Guide to Inbound Marketing

Landing pages, social media, blogging, calls-to-action, content — there’s a lot to remember when assembling your marketing strategy. Ever wish you had a fast list of tips? Well, we’re here to help. You’ve probably come across a haiku at some point, but here’s a little background info for the uninitiated: haiku is an unrhymed Japanese poetic form comprised of three lines of 5, 7, and 5 syllables. Haikus are meant to convey a single image or idea, making them perfect for tiny bits of inbound marketing advice. Store them in your brain and conjure them up when you need a […]


Google’s Keyword Planner: What You Need To Know

Google has officially retired their Keyword Tool and has replaced it with the Keyword Planner, a combination of Google’s Keyword Tool and Traffic Estimator. This change comes in the wake of last week’s news that Google would no longer be revealing specific keyword data in Google Analytics, which caused quite a stir for people who measure success solely by the number of people coming to their site from specific keyword searches. But for people embracing a more content- and context-specific SEO approach, there’s no reason to panic. Your inbound team will continue to bring traffic to your website through organic […]

S is for Smarketing

Smarketing: 5 Tips for Business Owners

Your sales and marketing teams need to work hand-in-hand to achieve your company’s overall sales and growth goals. When there is harmony between the two, they operate as a one-two-punch, achieving your company’s goals while converting leads to sales. When both teams are working as one, it’s also referred to as smarketing. The Whole Brain Group knows what complications lie ahead for your business if there isn’t a synergy between sales and marketing, which is why we’re sharing these five smarketing tips to help you align your sales and marketing teams, and achieve successful business growth! Smarketing Tip #1: Have […]

Take off with inbound marketing

How to Get Sales and Marketing Traction with Inbound

We’re pleased to announce our most ambitious eBook to date, Get Sales and Marketing Traction with Inbound. Written by our Founder and Head Brainiac, Marisa Smith, this 70-page eBook reveals The Whole Brain Group’s “secret sauce” – the process we use to achieve remarkable results for our clients through a combination of disciplined strategic planning and impactful inbound marketing tactics. If you enjoy this excerpt, download your copy using the link below! Get Sales and Marketing Traction with Inbound We love inbound marketing because it’s built on the concept of attracting like-minded customers who want what you have to offer, and […]


13 Inbound Marketing Insights from Hubspot’s Inbound13 Conference

This past week I attended Inbound13, the annual conference presented by Hubpot that brings together inbound marketing professionals from across the globe. My fun-filled week as part of the largest single gathering of inbound marketers consisted of four days jam-packed with bright ideas, new software, and motivating speakers that served to inspire the work I do for Whole Brain Group clients. Who knew marketing could be so awesome? Here are 13 insights I gained from participating in Inbound13. 13 Inbound Marketing Insights from Inbound13 1. Patience is a Virtue Stop searching for instant gratification. Inbound marketing is a long term […]

Introducing Signals by HubSpot

Signals from HubSpot: Sales Intelligence for Smarter Prospecting

In sales, timing is everything. Not only do you have to find the right prospects who fit your ideal customer profile, but you need to be talking to them when they’re ready to buy or have a problem you can help them solve. And you have to catch them at the exact moment when this decision or problem is their top priority, and they’ve made the time to research a solution or come to a decision. If you contact them at the right time, you’re a lifesaver. And if you catch them at the wrong moment – you’re just another […]