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Accessible Marketing: Three reasons to consider accessibility

Three Reasons to Consider Accessibility

If you’re someone who is familiar with The Whole Brain Group, then you know we’re strong advocates of inbound marketing. We believe that creating compelling content to attract and nurture leads throughout the buying process is essential to finding the kinds of customers you really want. Before you can determine the inbound tactics you will execute, you need to understand who your ideal customer is in order to build campaigns to attract them. While you were creating your ideal customer profile, did you stop to consider that some of your customers may have a disability? And that their disability affects […]

Inbound Success

4 Reasons Your Inbound Marketing Will Succeed

We’re all looking for ways to make our inbound strategies as successful as possible. Along the way, we’re bound to discover some absolute no-nos — which is why this article is so important. But it’s also important to realize what you’re doing right, and why it’s helping you generate and nurture leads. That’s why we’ve compiled these four reasons your marketing strategy is on its way to the top. Using Relevant Keywords Good news: the age of overzealous keyword insertion is over! Now, if you’re writing readable, valuable content with keywords that flow naturally, you’re well on your way to […]

Pinning down your business

Pinterest: Pinning Down Your Business

If your business has delved into social media marketing, you’re already cozy with Facebook, Twitter, and perhaps even LinkedIn. You’re not alone. Over 80% of small businesses use Facebook to reach their audience. Many also reply on LinkedIn and Twitter. As the three most popular social media platforms in the world, they’re accessed by millions of people every day. And that number continues to grow. In fact, Twitter celebrated a user increase of 150% last year! Make Your Brand More Visual Just beyond the Big Three is the whimsical, image-driven Pinterest. Once considered to be a glorified recipe book, the […]

Hashtags for Facebook

Hashtags: Coming To A Facebook Near You

They’re the most ubiquitous and clickable symbol in the social media landscape. You’ve probably seen them posted by misinformed Facebook users, but they really don’t belong on your News Feed, and you can’t even click them. But now, hashtags are coming to Facebook! Whether this news is cause for jubilation or despair (the use of hashtags on Facebook was the subject of a polarizing debate long before this week’s announcement), Facebook’s new support for the hashtag will allow you to enhance your company’s social media strategy. They’re Clickable Although people have been using hashtags on Facebook for months, the new […]

Consistant Voice Across all Platforms

Communicating With A Single Voice

Each section of a choir is responsible for its own tonality, volume, and range of notes. If you could only hear the altos sing their part of Mozart’s Requiem, it might be difficult to identify the music. But really good singers know how to blend their voices with the other sections of the chorus so that the audience encounters the music as if they’re only hearing the sound of one voice. This is the kind of experience that you’ll want to offer your customers as you take your company onto the social media stage of Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, […]


Revex Moves Forward With Inspired Web Design

Client Overview: Revex, the award-winning Michigan export firm, provides multiple levels of export services from marketing and sales consulting to full export management. For over 40 years the team’s accumulated knowledge and contacts have provided a unique ability to design and implement global export strategies to manufacturing clients. Revex currently manages distribution in over 50 countries, which helps their clients pursue integrated strategic opportunities anywhere in the world. Revex is a recipient of the prestigious President’s “E” Award, which recognizes excellence in increasing United States exports. Client Goals: Michael Aughenbaugh, president of Revex, wanted a striking website design which showcases […]

love letter to social media

A Love Letter To Social Media

Ode To Social Media Roses are red, violets are blue, Started using your services, my business grew. Ah yes, it’s true. There’s no denying that social media is incredibly valuable for businesses, both big and small. Although it’s a new marketing technique, some would argue that social media marketing is one of the most effective. In an article entitled The Developing Role of Social Media in the Modern Business World, published recently on, Jessica Bosari notes that “85% of all businesses that have a dedicated social media platform as part of their marketing strategy reported an increase in market […]

Does your website play well with mobile

Does Your Website Play Well With Mobile?

We’ve all done it. Gone to a website with our mobile smart phone or iPad, only to discover that the website isn’t mobile-friendly. Constantly squinting, enlarging the screen, and pressing the wrong links gets tiring – real fast! Does your website allow visitors to browse your goods and services? Good for you. But if your site isn’t mobile-enabled, it isn’t good enough. People aren’t walking the streets with their laptops or desktops; they’re on their mobile phones and iPads, ready to buy, and frustrated when your site isn’t accessible to them! Top 3 Reasons to Optimize your Website for Mobile […]


ROI: How Infographics Can Help Your Business [INFOGRAPHIC]

With the infographic craze in full-swing, you might ask: Are infographics just a pretty way of displaying data, or will they actually benefit my business? Earlier this summer we published a Sensible Social Media Checklist for Business. The first version of the infographic was published on June 15th and included Facebook, Linked-In, and Twitter. The popularity of the graphic prompted us to publish a second version of the checklist to include even more social media channels – specifically Pinterest, YouTube, and Google+. The second version of our infographic went online on July 19th, and was even more successful! Hundreds of bloggers […]


Sensible Blogging Checklist for Businesses [INFOGRAPHIC]

Our infographic, the Sensible Social Media Marketing Checklist for Businesses, was such a huge hit that we decided to create a series of Sensible Checklists to help businesses stop setting crazy goals for themselves! Did you know that business blogging can increase your web traffic on average by 55%? In a recent post, we outlined the 6 important reasons your business should be blogging. But how do you get started? A great content & blogging strategy can help you attract like-minded people and help you build trust and relationships with potential customers. If you’re confused about how to get started with developing […]