Get Your Digital Marketing in Order for 2017

Choose from our Inbound Packages that we customize for your needs. Get started with HubSpot or set your marketing machine back on track.

HubSpot StartersInbound TuneUpInbound Elements
HubSpot Start-Up
$4500Get HubSpot up and running fast, and customized to your business.

  • HubSpot marketing setup and website integration
  • Templates for landing page, site page, CTA, email, and newsletter based on your website’s design and brand
  • HubSpot Overview and Best Practices Training
  • 1 imported contact list and consultation on audience segmentation
Sales Enablement Start-Up
$4500Get the HubSpot CRM implemented and customized to your sales workflow to simplify implementation and ensure adoption.
  • Setup and installation
  • User access setup
  • 1 imported contact and company list
  • Consultation on audience segmentation
  • Sales tools setup and training
  • Sales workflow to aligned to CRM
  • HubSpot Overview and Best Practices Training
Full Inbound Starter
$8000Streamline your full funnel marketing and sales with HubSpot, HubSpot CRM, and Sales Tools customized to your business.
  • HubSpot Start-up
  • Sales Enablement Start-up
  • Service Level Agreement between Sales and Marketing
HubSpot Audit
$3000Get the most out of your investment with a detailed audit of your HubSpot account with recommendations.
  • HubSpot Setup Review
  • Conversion Performance of landing pages, blogs, email marketing CTAs, and forms
  • Best Practices review of Keywords, contacts, workflows, social media, and personas
  • Detailed report of successes, needs for improvement, and recommendations to achieve your goals
Website Audit
$2300Make sure your website is helping and not hurting you with a technical audit of your site.
  • Website review for possible technical SEO violations, and outline issues with: Visibility, Meta, Content, Links, Images, and Semantic
  • Review of user interaction with site, with recommendations for improving layout and organization of information.
  • Detailed report of site performance and recommendations for improving your website results.
Persona and Buyers Journey Workshop
$2250This working session helps you clearly understand your buyers’ needs and how to connect with them through the buying process.
  • 1 Persona
  • Buyer’s Journey for 1 Persona
  • Each additional persona $750/ea
  • Each additional buyer’s’ journey $2,250
Best Practices Training
$575Get one-on-one help with specific issues and questions you’re dealing with right now.
Two 90-min sessions with our experts in any of these areas:
  • Social Media
  • Blogging/Content
  • Website WordPress
  • HubSpot