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EOS Worldwide is a growing organization of successful entrepreneurs who are passionate about helping other business leaders succeed. These entrepreneurs use the Entrepreneurial Operating System® (EOS®) to power their companies with a set of real-world, simple, practical tools designed to improve accountability, focus, and results. With thousands of companies worldwide using these tools, the EOS Worldwide team is driven by a passion for helping entrepreneurs get what they want from their businesses.

The EOS Worldwide leadership team came to the Whole Brain Group with a goal of developing a scalable marketing infrastructure that would enable them to work efficiently and drive powerful results. As a long-time user of the Entrepreneurial Operating System in our own agency, the Whole Brain team was a natural fit to help EOS Worldwide achieve their goals.

EOS_PageFirst, our team worked with EOS Worldwide to develop an inbound marketing strategy that would complement their relationship-driven culture and support their long-term growth goals. Next, we launched an inbound infrastructure in HubSpot designed to automate repetitive tasks, deliver a personalized experience, and engage the EOS community with fresh content. Finally, we collaborated with another great Michigan-based agency, Loftopia, to launch a new website and blog integrated with an existing learning management system and shopping cart.

Today, we provide marketing strategy and support on an ongoing basis, seamlessly integrating our Inbound Marketing methodology and team with the EOS Process™ to achieve marketing traction.

Delightful Results

  • 90% year-over-year increase in monthly website visits
  • 50% year-over-year increase in monthly emails collected
  • 98% year-over-year increase in webinar registrations

The Whole Brain Group has been a great addition to the EOS Worldwide team. Marisa and her team have a real passion for introducing entrepreneurs to the power of the Entrepreneurial Operating System that has enabled them to do a fantastic job for our organization.
– Mike Paton, Visionary at EOS Worldwide

“The Whole Brain Group team has delivered great results for EOS Worldwide – from webinar registrations to traffic and leads, our scorecard numbers are up across the board. They truly understand our company vision, and have been able to focus our marketing strategy on the activities that bring us the most value, while simultaneously helping us build processes and systems that will scale as we grow.”
– Don Tinney, Integrator at EOS Worldwide


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