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Ambs Call Center is a family-owned telephone answering service. Since 1934, the business has been centered around giving their clients the best possible care and highest quality service. To achieve this, Ambs uses state-of-the-art technology and invests heavily into its call operators, its most valuable asset.

Ambs is a growing company that recently merged with another company in Florida. This propelled the need for two websites that were branded consistently. They also needed a website that would communicate their unique differentiators and core values, while more effectively generating leads and improving visibility in search engines. The existing website felt dated, and the site architecture needed streamlining.

Before designing the website, we conducted a thorough analysis of their existing site. We also identified Ambs’ brand archetype and key differentiators, and developed an ideal customer profile. These elements were used to guide the web design, site architecture, and content—so that the finished product would target the right audience, improve SEO, and help generate new leads. We also integrated the new website with HubSpot to improve Ambs’ marketing automation capabilities.

Delightful Results

The refreshed Ambs website is beautifully designed and optimized for greater search engine performance. The site is responsive for mobile devices, easy to use and navigate, and accurately targets their ideal clients to help generate new leads.

It’s still too early to measure how effectively the new site generates new leads, but already the bounce rate has dropped more than 26% and average session duration is up by nearly 25% — early indicators that we’re hitting a more targeted audience more effectively.

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