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Foursquare for business

FourSquare For Business

Looking for that great Thai restaurant in town, but don’t know which one to pick? Tough decision, but, like most things in life today, there’s an app for that. And it’s called FourSquare. If you’re unfamiliar with FourSquare, you’re really missing out on an easy way to find the best restaurants, art galleries, stores, museums, and nightspots – to name a few. You know they’re the best, because FourSquare selections are based not only on what your friends think, but also on expert opinion. FourSquare For You Let’s say that you own a restaurant. When a customer walks in the […]

Does your website play well with mobile

Does Your Website Play Well With Mobile?

We’ve all done it. Gone to a website with our mobile smart phone or iPad, only to discover that the website isn’t mobile-friendly. Constantly squinting, enlarging the screen, and pressing the wrong links gets tiring – real fast! Does your website allow visitors to browse your goods and services? Good for you. But if your site isn’t mobile-enabled, it isn’t good enough. People aren’t walking the streets with their laptops or desktops; they’re on their mobile phones and iPads, ready to buy, and frustrated when your site isn’t accessible to them! Top 3 Reasons to Optimize your Website for Mobile […]

Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti Regional Chamber of Commerce

A2YChamber iPhone App: A comprehensive listing of businesses in the Ann Arbor area with simple, fast contact features built in. More details about the A2YChamber iPhone App >>

Office of the General Counsel, University of Michigan

GCFileTrack Case File Management System: Developed a web interface to log the location and ownership of case files in the main office and the Health Systems branch office.

Office of the President Office of the Vice President for Communications, University of Michigan

Presidential Outreach System: Developed web interface to track the media appearances of the University President.

Office of the Vice President for Communications, University of Michigan

Newsclips System: Developed a web interface for accessing University of Michigan-related published articles that were entered into a MySQL database by office staff. Users receive a daily e-mail that contains links to the articles via the website.

Office of the Vice President for Research/MAIS, University of Michigan

eRPM Proposal Management Data Conversion: Converted data from a legacy Filemaker system to a new SQL-based Click Commerce eResearch product. Using calculations and scripts, “massaged” the Filemaker data into a format compatible with the SQL table structure. Developed a Filemaker interface to automate these tasks and simplify the final conversion.

Medical School Dean's Office, University of Michigan

Mail & File Tracking System: Developed a web-enabled MySQL database to manage the Dean’s Office contact database and its mail and file tracking process.

Office of the President, University of Michigan

Honorary Degree Nomination Tracking System: Developed a web interface for managing information about nominees for honorary degrees issued by the University at graduation.

Office of the Provost, University of Michigan

PFIP Tracking System: Developed a web-based interface for tracking information related to the Provost’s Office Faculty Initiative Program.