Our company runs on the Entrepreneurial Operating System® to encourage focus, discipline, accountability, and structure in our team – which actually frees us up to have a lot more fun! We’re also deeply involved in the Small Giants Community, which is a global organization dedicated to building and supporting values-driven companies. Involvement in both of these communities has helped transform The Whole Brain Group from a scrappy startup to an industry leader and innovator with a great team and culture.

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Shared Values, Passion, and Vision.

When you meet the Whole Brain Team, you’ll find that we all share these common values:

  • We seek excellence in everything we do.
  • We crave and nurture collaboration – with clients, and each other.
  • We communicate respectfully and encourage transparency.
  • We go the extra mile to delight our clients.
  • We love to learn and improve.

As a team, we’re completely dedicated to realizing our vision of becoming a world-class inbound marketing agency with a highly-engaged team, delighted customers, and deep roots in our community. We are passionate about helping small businesses grow and achieve their visions, and we excel at supporting growing companies with scalable sales and marketing solutions.

Each quarter, we take time out of our client schedule to focus on our strategic planning – reviewing our results, identifying issues, and removing obstacles that stand in our way.

Clear Accountability.

We’ve worked hard to clearly define our company’s roles and responsibilities, and establish clear accountability for decision-making and results. Because everyone is committed to our shared vision and values, we trust people to lead and make most decisions without navigating a bunch of “bureaucrazy,” while still getting input from team members when big decisions are needed.

Transparent Financials.

We practice Open Book Finance – sharing key financial metrics with the entire company every week, so that everyone has a “stake in the game.” We believe that all Whole Brain Team members should understand basic business finance concepts so they can make decisions and recommendations that are in the best interest of our (and our clients’) long-term sustainability.

Involved in Our Communities.

We encourage our team to volunteer time each month to contribute to our local and virtual communities. Several Whole Brainiacs serve on non-profit advisory boards, or donate their services to organizations that are dedicated to making our world a better place to live.

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